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PRSteel – Welded Reconstructed Beams

PRSteel is a MOMSteel registered brand of welded reconstructed beams (PRS), with constant or variable inertia, made to measure and available from 3 to 16 metres and complying to standards  EN ISO 9001 e EN 1090. The configuration of this beam’s web allows us to considerably increase the resistance capacity in comparison to other conventional solutions in L shape, allowing the use of lower thicknesses, thus decreasing the weight and the price for the service. As well as this, the existing flexibility regarding the optimization of the flanges, also contributes to a more competitive final price.

MOMSteel is currently a reference in Portugal in the manufacturing of metal structures, the fruit of many years of experience in the metalworking sector. In its industrial unit in Abrantes, from the Engineering to the Production, the watchwords are innovation and efficiency, to make everything a lot simpler and easier for the clients. 

PRSteel is an innovation 

in the market

Online sales channel

Deliveries through the online store available the whole of the EU.

Personalised and quick manufacturing

Reconstructed beams made to measure by a welding robot, in accordance with the kaisen model of lean production.

Online monitoring and manufacturing

Online monitoring of the manufacturing process of PRSteel Beams – through the MOMSteel Smart Factory app.  

Advantages of PRSteel reconstructed beams 

Flexibility of constructive solutions 

Optimal usage of architectural potential


Decrease in the weight of the metal structure


Lower price

(less weight = less manpower)

Lean management model of MOMSteel manufacturing 

Lower delivery time 

 (up to 10 days)


Through a simplified process, the client can place an order of PRS beams on our online shop (with the option of including transport), and follow the order status in real time, through the  MOMSteel Smart Factory app. The order will be delivered in a maximum of 10 days.


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